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Want to be a web developer?

Friends, the future is very good in development. Going forward, all the work is going to be done online. If you learn development, you will get a lot of work in the future and there is still a lot of scope in this line. But friends, there will be a lot of Confucians in it. Many Questions came to mind….

HTML tutorial for beginners

Hello Friends, HTML is very easy and markup language. Example Like a word is “master arts” . How do we write this in HTML that it should be highlighted separately. <i> Master Arts </i> So the tag will display the master arts in italic form to the user like this “Master Arts” . In this way, if we want to…

Should we use language for Web development or services from company like Wix,WordPress to build own business site?

Yes Friends you can use wix and WordPress for any kind of website you need. In WordPress you can create any type of website. From a landing page business website to a website like ecommerce. And if you want to start your business in the market immediately by creating a website. then WordPress is best for you. Many WordPress templates…

Explain how to create database and tables and how to insert update and select records in phpmyadmin in WAMP server step by step with Example

Hello friends, welcome to master arts. Today we learn about database creation in phpmyadmin. Hindi me hi sikhate hai kya bolate ho ? Dosto, aap sap phpmy admin ke bare me to jante hi honge. Chalo aaj me batata hu aapko ki database kaise create karate hai. Aapko database create karne ke liye XAMP ya WAMP install karna hoga sabase…