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The process of designing a webpage using HTML

The process of designing a webpage using HTML

1. Plan your layout.

The first step of any website is always to know what you want on it and (vaguely) how you want it to look. Before making a website you have to think of a layout of your Websites. Since the layout will be final, it will be easy to create the site and you will be able to create it very quickly.

Think beforehand where you have to keep the element.

2. Install IDE

What is an IDE? To create a html website, you need to install a code editor. By the way, you can also make it in notepad. Legs are very hard to make in a notepad. Install a good IDE like Visual Studio Code.

Why IDE? Why not make it in notepad? Are you thinking the same?

In notepad, you have to write the entire code manually. IDE will do half your work by itself. EXAMPLE if you type ! and hit Enter basic strcture will be raddy automatically. if you div. Type div and hit Enter div tag open and closing structure will be raddy. That’s why we use IDE.

3. Starter tamplets

If you are creating any websites, then your websites are very important to be mobile responsive. And to respond to mobile, you have to use a lot of style. And it’s not easy.

Don’t be panic. Now many templates available in the market for making website mobile responsive. Like bootstrap. So search in tab “bootstrap strater tamplets” read decoment properly and copy paste that code in you blank website index. Your mobile responsive website is raddy.

4. Style CSS

Style is very important to build a website. User should apply Websites Attractive. So choose a color that is very good looking and eye friendly.

All the effects on a website are made by style CSS. Like Fade in, fade out, toggel, blink, etc..

So Friend this The Process Of Designing A Webpage Using HTML. Hope you understand properly. If you have and doubts then you can write us. Please support us and increase us by share our post to your friends.

Thank you.

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