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Adsense Related Questions answers

How to fix content policy error of Adsense?

If the content policy error is on your approved site, then you will have to review it by removing the content. It is very important to have content on the page you are putting Google Ads on.

It is very important to have content on the page you are putting Google Ads on. Example: Do not put Google Ads on login page, register page and any blank page. If you do this then you will not get content policy returns.



How to create Google Adsense account?

It is very easy to create a Google Adsense account. Create Google Adsense, open the first page that will appear in Reshoot. You will get two options, sign sign and sign up. Click on Singup to fill in the details and your account will be created.

If we will use shrinkme link on blog then Adsense will monetize or not?

Adsense can reject your blog if you put links to any adult site, such as links to sites like Shinkme, in your blog. Your blog should not contain ads from any other advertising company such as popup aids.If there is something like this in your blog, then you will not have a blog.

How to clear the error in Adsense while connecting to the blogs?

There is an error after contacting the blog with AdSense. ADS.TXT file missing. You can download this text file from your AdSense account. Upload it to the public.html folder in cpanel. After doing this, the error will be removed in 24 hours.

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