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I’m going to talk about MBBS admission in USA I’m also going to talk about thedifference between MBBS in USA and MBAsin the other countries so please watchthe video till the end also subscribe tthe channel for regular updates andpress the bell icon for thenotifications students this is throadmap for medical education and thisis a main key that is required for thesuccessful admission to study MBBS inUSA so if you have decided to study MBBSabroad it is the best decision to makeyour future bright the students whostudy MBBS in abroad get the chance todo only MBBS but if they go for MVS iUSA they go to study MBBS + PG course soif you have a plan for MD or MS and notjust MBBS this is the right time for youto take the right decision so studentwho have a low budget for MBBS such asunder rupees 10 or 20 lakhs or up torupees 25 lakhs they can go to study inany country in Asia but these studentswill only do MBBS course howeverstudents who have a budget of rupees 20to 50 lakhs they can go to any of theEastern European countries andsuccessfully complete their MBBS coursebut this is only about the MBBS parthence the students will have a highbudget somewhere between rupees 80 lakhsto 1 or 1.5 crores they can go to studyin USA and do MBBS as well as PG horseso this is the plan for MBBS + PG in USAthe students who go to the US have tochoose a university which has apercentage of USMLE step 1 so if you aregoing to such a college then only youare going to successfully complete yourMBBS + PG course also the students whoare going to USA also have to choose theUniversity which has Cam HP approvalAHP approval is very very important forthe universities in the USA now thestudents who go to the USA have tochoose clinical rotation only in USAotherwise they can not pass the USMLEstep two so after the USMLE step twothey can get the admission for the PGcourse on the other hand if the studentis taking the clinical rotation in anyother countries like European countriesor Indian countries they cannot do theirpidgin it is not possible at all so theclinical rotation must be done by thestudent only in USA only then thestudent will successfully complete hior her USMLE step to examination and can

do the PG the students who want to get admission in USA must decide their willingness to pursue a medicineproficient career in standard TENSitself only then they can enroll in thethree-year basic science program or thedegree which will be including the MCATpreparatory course to take admission inthe American government universities astudent should go through the MCAT examthe student is expected to getapproximately 3.8 CGPA out of the fourpoints in the system the students aregenerally appearing for the MCATentrance exam and approximately 35,000seats are available for the Americancitizens so there are three steps whichare very important for us medicineprogram that is they have to pursuetheir pre medical course in order tocomplete the BS degree program they alsohave to prepare for the MCAT exam andcrackit these high expenses are dividing

16 months pre-medical within USA it is avery risky way for the Indian studentsto crack the MCAT exam and it is moredifficult than the NEET ug in India sowhat the Americans did they found adifferent way for the Indian students toget into the program for the MBBS + PGprogram in USA so if you see the programstructured for MD in USA that is aftertheir tenth completion we need to getthe BSC degree that is 10 plus 3.5 yearsof the BS program then they willthey’re MCAT exam so when they givetheir MCAT exam they are getting intothe medical program the students who do10 plus 3 that is only four Americansthe students are getting integratedscience and clinical medicine in theyear two and in the year three they aregetting medicine and clinical practiceone and they are getting medicine inclinical practice tooso they will have the transition to theclinical practice in the year five sothis is how the MBBS for u.s.

citizens works out and this is the evidenceinformed practice of medicine one and itis the evidence informed practice ofmedicinetwo and evidence informed practice ofmedicine three and evidence informedpractice of medicine for so after thathey’ll be doing the transition to theclinical practice so medical skill andquality care one medical skills andquality care two medical skills andquality care three medical skills andquality care for and they will get intothe transition to the clinical practiceso the first and second year will becompletely of the theory classes and thethird and the fourth year will becompletely of the practical classes oncethey complete this they’re going tocomplete the MD program that is in thebachelor level and after that they willbe getting into the PG program but forIndians

it is a different route this isbecause it deals will find it verydifficult to three and a half years ofdegree plus their MCAT exam because I’mgetting exam is more difficult than theneat ug now talking about the differentway for the Indian students to get intothe USA the students have to go via theCaribbean islands this is the road mapfor the Indian students so any Indianstudent who wants to get into theAmerica for the medical profession hasto go through the Caribbean islands whybecause the Indian students are doingtheir 10+2 but the Americans are doingten plus three so to equalize thatone-and-a-half year tree medical thestudents have to go through theCaribbean islands only any student whowants to get into the medicafashion will get into the pre-medicalprogram which will be of 16 monthsleading to BS degree with 120 credits asas a must so once the student completesthis pre medical course the student willget into that basic science program sothis basic science is nothing but basicmedical science this will be of twoyears with five trimesters at this stagethey will be giving the USMLE step 1exam USMLE is nothing but United Statesmedical licensing exam so the studentwho is going to USA is basically goingto study for their licensing exam sothey have their own steps which is beingfollowedthat is the USMLE step one USMLE steptwo USMLE step three USMLE step four andUSMLE step fiveonce the student completes this assemblystep one to step five only then he orshe can get the license from the USA so
after the pre-medical course they aregoing to give the assembly step one examand this free medical course and thisbasic science they will be doing in thecaribbean islands only and once thestudent finishes the USMLE step oneaccording to the required you weresimile step one marks the student willbe entering into the clinical rotationand will be transferred to the USA so inUSA there are totally three hundred-plushospitals based on the USMLE step onemarks the students will be transferredto any of the hospitals in the USA nowthis clinical rotation will be for twoyears so the students who are studyingUSMLE step two will go through theclinical rotation consisting of fivetrimesters and then we’ll give the steptwo exam this is their two exam consistsof two categories one is CK and one isCS CK is nothing but clinical knowledgeand CS is about clinical science so thestudents will be doing two subcategoriesand they will give the USMLE step twoexam so once they give the USMLE steptwo exam they are going to complete the
MD program and once the studentscomplete the MD programget into the major part that is the PGthey’re not just applying for the PGthey are applying for the residency nowthree years four years or five years ittotally depends on the students the PGlevel is of four years which is of paidresidency leading to MCI approved MD andthere is no need for appearing in theMCI screening test after it why there isno need for MCI screening test becausethe students are doing their PG level toget the license from the USA so they’regoing to get the residency and licensefrom the USA and there is no need towrite any kind of exam with PG done thestoring couldn’t do anywhere in theworld and do his or her practice so thenext step will be observer shift versusclinical rotation in order to get thatresidency in u.s. it is mandatory foryou to opt for clinical rotationobserver ship is not enough and duringobserver ship you would be observing thedoctor in the hospital violin clinicalrotation you actually participate in thdiagnosis process and interact with thepatient directly so observer ship isfree in USA hospitals while clinicalrotation is at a very high cost whichneeds to be paid to the hospitals so thestudents who opt for observer ship cando it completely free of course but willnot be able to touch the patient he orshe will just observe what the otherdoctors are doing now it is notbeneficial as because of the lack ofpractical examination of the patients itgets difficult for the students tocomplete or get through theirexaminations so it is better for thestudents to get into the clinicalrotation because they can get thopportunity to interact with theirpatients directly but it costs very hightherefore I request the students to getinto the clinical rotation programsbecause only then it will be easy foryou to get through the examinations ifyou look little rotations only then itwill be easy for you to diagnose tdiseases on interact with the patientsin a nutshell the student who has
completed the roadmap for USA that isthe medical school of diploma or at theBS degree after that he will be doingyoustep2 exam which is of two steps one asclinical knowledge and one is clinicalscience and then we’ll get through ECfmg certification which is approvedacross the world after that he or shewill be doing the residency trainingwhich will be between three to eighyears in a particular speciality andthey’ll be doing their USMLE step threeand one year of residency so they willget the state licensure so residentialtraining and the board certification isrequired for the advanced training whenthe PD studies are completed thedoctoral degree is valid but for actualvalidation and to work as a doctor thelast step is to pass USMLE step threeexam after clearing the USMLE step threeexam you can apply as a resident doctorin USA once you get residency you canpractice as a doctor in USA and as wellas all over the world the student can bean employer of the USA if he or shecompletes the USMLE step threesuccessfully now talking about USMLE nits marks as I previously told that u.s.Emily is the United States medicallicensing exam so it simply meansgetting the license from the US now ifyou ask what is the success rate in theUSMLE exam so for the USMLE step one thepassing marks will be 192 marks and theaverage marks are or 230 marks so thesuccess rate is 95% for USMLE step twoexam which is of two levels that CK and

CS the passing marks for CK are two
hundred and nine and the average marks are 235 so the passing ratio is almost 96% this means that 96 percent of the students ratio get through the examination and for USMLE step two with clinical science the passing marks are 196 and the average marks are 225 so the total percentage of students are getting passed is 94 percent it is a very good program for the students to get into the USA and the students are successfully clearing the exams with above 95 percent so this is a well-structured program with mbbs + PG degree the students who are ready to pay the high cost management fees in India for only ambiguous must opt for MBBS + PG in us instead along with the license from the USA it is certainly one of the best programs for medical studies I reque the students to get into this program without fail in Duden medical professions successfully in the USA if you have any queries about MBBS in USA or about any other country feel free to contact us by a message or call you canalso mail us you would love to help you in every way possible


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